StreetVet Norwich was founded in December 2019. It is lead by the lovely Claire Willis who is our team leader as well as being a full time vet at Taverham Vets. She worked with homeless charities and soup kitchens during her time studying at London which inspired her to set up StreetVet Norwich. StreetVet Norwich is made up of a core committee who are a highly dedicated team who help to keep StreetVet Norwich going! The team is made up of the following people who volunteer their spare time every day:

  • Claire Willis – team leader, veterinary surgeon
  • Deputy Team leader – Els DeVrijer, veterinary surgeon
  • Administration leader and technology coordinator – Barbara Howes, receptionist
  • Deputy administration leader – Naomi Johnson, RVN
  • Minutes and finance coordinator – Katie Piper, RVN
  • Vet, RVN and support team Coordinator – Sarah Fossey, RVN
  • Local Fundraising and events Coordinator – Lucinda Ingram, receptionist
  • Agencies and Hostels Coordinator – Tasha Colman, RVN
  • Communications Coordinator – Hannah Durling, RVN
  • Local Clinical Lead – Kat Turner, veterinary surgeon

We currently have about 30 fabulous volunteers who all give up their time every Tuesday evening to do outreach sessions. As always we are eternally grateful for all our volunteer’s time and dedication, as well as our local soup kitchen and Taverham Vets who do all our out of hours and surgeries – thank you for helping us keep StreetVet Norwich going!

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