Forces of the Imperium Decklist & New Cards

In this article you’ll find the Forces of the Imperium decklist and a gallery with every new card that’s included in the deck. Forces of the Imperium is one of the four Warhammer 40k Commander decks.

Forces of the Imperium Decklist

Commander (1)
Inquisitor Greyfax

New Cards (41)
Marneus Calgar
Celestine, the Living Saint
Defenders of Humanity
For the Emperor!
Space Marine Devastator
Triumph of Saint Katherine
Ultramarines Honour Guard
Vexilus Praetor
Sister of Silence
Vanguard Suppressor
Primaris Eliminator
Assault Intercessor
Belisarius Cawl
Birth of the Imperium
Callidus Assassin
Commissar Severina Raine
Company Commander
Cybernetica Datasmith
Epistolary Librarian
The Flesh Is Weak
Inquisitor Eisenhorn
Neyam Shai Murad
Sister Hospitaller
Sister Repentia
The Golden Throne
Inquisitorial Rosette
Knight Paladin
Reaver Titan
Redemptor Dreadnought
Thunderhawk Gunship
And They Shall Know No Fear
Grey Knight Paragon
Space Marine Scout
Thunderwolf Cavalry
Sicarian Infiltrator
Sanguinary Priest
Deny the Witch
Primaris Chaplain
Lands (37)
Choked Estuary
Darkwater Catacombs
Exotic Orchard
Port Town
Prairie Stream
Skycloud Expanse
Sunken Hollow
Arcane Sanctum
Ash Barrens
Memorial to Glory
Command Tower
Dismal Backwater
Evolving Wilds
Path of Ancestry
Scoured Barrens
Terramorphic Expanse
Tranquil Cove

Creature (1)
Bastion Protector

Sorceries (6)
Collective Effort
Deploy to the Front
Fell the Mighty
Hour of Reckoning
Launch the Fleet
Martial Coup

Instants (4)
Entrapment Maneuver
Utter End
Swords to Plowshares

Artifacts (9)
Everflowing Chalice
Mind Stone
Sol Ring
Talisman of Dominance
Talisman of Hierarchy
Talisman of Progress
Arcane Signet
Commander’s Sphere

Enchantment (1)
Reconnaissance Mission

Forces of the Imperium New Cards

Inquisitor Greyfax Warhammer 40K MTG Commanders


If you’d like to get the Forces of the Imperium Commander deck, you can buy it on Amazon. The deck also comes in a Collector’s edition.

Forces of the Imperium Warhammer 40k Commander Deck Precon

If you want to improve this deck, make sure to check our Forces of the Imperium Upgrade Guide. Furthermore, if you want to see reprints with their new images, you can find them on the official MTG website. You can find the other three Warhammer Commander decks here.

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