We are a UK-based engagement service and our aim is to provide support and keep our clients and their pets together wherever possible.

As we are based in the United Kingdom, we cannot respond to animal care requests from elsewhere in the world.

As we are not an enforcement agency, if you are concerned about an animal’s safety with their owner, please contact the RSPCA. Click here to go to the RSPCA site.

Whilst we will react to urgent cases as quickly as possible, we rely on the support of volunteers to manage queries, and endeavour to respond to all enquiries within three working days.


Please let us know how we can contact you to discuss the matter further. If it is an urgent issue, please provide a phone number so we can reach you.

If you are not the owner of the animal, please provide the owner’s name and any contact details if known.

Owner Name:

Owner Contact Phone/Email:

Please let us know anything you can about the animal needing help.

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Please give plenty of information about the location of the animal needing assistance, and include town/city and any road names or identifiable landmarks to help us locate them.


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