MTG Gift Guide 2022: Best Gift Ideas for MTG Players

Are you looking for gift ideas for an MTG fan? Wondering what to buy someone who plays Magic the Gathering? There are so many different MTG products that it can be hard to pick a great gift. But worry not – our MTG Gift Guide can help you with that!

We’ve updated this gift guide for the 2022 Holiday Season., so that our recommendations stay up to date. We’ll start with a quick recap, so if you’re in a hurry, you can find the best gifts with ease.

Quick Recap

If there’s one MTG gift that works great for all types of players, it’s certainly the Gift Bundle. The name suggests that it’s the best MTG gift, and it does live up to its name. It contains lots of cool stuff, the best of which are 8 Set boosters, a premium Collector booster, and a couple of promo cards. Everything comes packed in a nice-looking box, which can be used for storing Magic cards.

Besides, it’s also fairly-priced, so it fits almost any budget. If you want to spend more money, there’s nothing wrong with getting a couple of these. While the Gift Bundle might be a bit vanilla gift, no Magic player will be disappointed with it.

Brothers War Gift Bundle Edition MTG Gift Guide 2022

So, if you’re in a doubt, going with the Gift Bundle is always the right choice. The one thing to remember is that you want to get this year’s version, which is The Brothers’ War Gift Bundle.

If you would like to see another option, here are four more amazing MTG gifts, based on different criteria.:

Modern Horizons 2 MTG Gift Guide 2022 HolidayModern Horizons 2 Collector Booster BoxBest overall
Baldur's Gate Set Booster Box Icon MTG Gift Guide 2022Baldur's Gate Set Booster BoxBest for Commander players
Tyranid Swarm Icon Warhammer 40k MTGTyranid Swarm Commander PreconCheaper Commander gift
Dominaria Draft Booster Box Icon MTG Gift Guide 2022Dominaria United Draft Booster BoxBest for drafters

As we said before, this was just a quick recap of the best MTG gifts. Now, we’ll move to the next section, in which we’ll discuss all these gifts and many others in more detail. This way, you can get even more options and information, if that’s something you’re interested in.

Booster Packs Are a Great MTG Gift!

Since you know an MTG player, you probably know that they like to open booster packs. There are many types of these, so you have to know which ones to pick. However, if you do get the right ones, the receiver will be very happy with them.

That’s especially true if you get them a whole booster box (a box with multiple boosters). This is probably the best gift you can give to an MTG player. It’s like getting a big gift, with a bunch of smaller gifts inside it. It’s amazing!

Let’s see which options you have.

Collector Booster Box

Modern Horizons 2 Collector Booster Box

Collector booster boxes contain 12 Collector Boosters. Each one of them has 15 cards, all of which are either in foil or have alternate art. Some even both, and there are multiple rares in each pack! These are the most premium Magic boosters, and the players really like opening them, as they feature the most exciting cards.

However, as one would expect, they are also quite pricey, so there’s that. The one pictured above is from Modern Horizons 2, a set with lots of powerful and valuable cards, but it’s also the priciest. It would certainly be an amazing gift, but the price can certainly be a bit much.

Usually it’s the best idea to go for the latest set, which would be the Brothers’ War. The set will be released on November 18th, 2022. If you need to get the gift before that date, you can also get the same type of product with the previous set, called Dominaria United. This goes the same for other products as well, not just for Collector Boxes.

You can also check the full list of Collector Booster Boxes here. You might find a specific one that would be the best for your giftee.

Draft Booster Box

Maybe you’ve heard your giftee talk about the draft. That’s a special way of playing the game, one where you play with the cards you open in boosters. For this game mode, the players need Draft boosters, which come in a Draft booster box.

Each booster box comes with 36 booster packs, and is the perfect gift for players who like to draft.

Dominaria United Draft Booster Box

We usually recommend getting the newest booster box, which would be the Brothers’ War Draft Booster box (release date: November 18th, 2022). However, the box pictured above is from Dominaria United, which was released earlier this year (on September 9th, 2022). The reason for that is that Dominaria United is widely considered to be the best set to draft in recent years.

If you’d like to get a different Draft booster box, you can find the best MTG Booster Boxes here.

MTG Gift Bundle

We’ve quickly talked about the Gift Bundle in the beginning, as one of the best gift you can get if you’re in a hurry. The fact is that it’s a very cool gift, and it’s also not as pricey as some other MTG gifts can be.

It has a lot of the benefits of a booster box in a smaller — and cheaper package. It contains 8 Set boosters and a premium Collector boosters. Besides, they also contain some other useful items, such as:

  • 1 foil MTG Transformer card (mythic rare)
  • 1 foil alternate art promo card
  • 40 basic lands (20 foil + 20 non-foil)
  • 1 spindown life counter
  • 1 special foil-like card storage box
Brothers War Gift Bundle Edition Contents

Do you want to know more about this product? You can find more information about the Brother’s War Gift Bundle contents here.

Best Gifts for Commander Players

Commander is the most popular MTG format. If you’re getting a gift for a Commander player, you can get them a specific gift, which they’ll really enjoy. Let’s take a look at some great options you have.

Commander Legends: Baldur’s Gate Booster Box

Battle for Baldur's Gate Set Booster Box

Of course, the booster boxes we’ve mentioned before are also a great gift for Commander players as well. However, Baldur’s Gate set was made with Commander players in mind, so it has quite a lot of cards that will make a casual Commander happy.

The box pictured above has Set boosters. These are great if a player just wants to open boosters, and most of the Commander players do. However, if your giftee also likes to draft, then getting them Baldur’s Gate Draft boosters are a better idea.

If you want, you can also go with the original Commander Legends set. Even though the set released back in November 2020, it’s still an amazing gift for a Commander player in the 2022 as well.

Commander Precon Deck

If you’re looking for something more moderately priced gift, than you should get one of the many Commander precon decks. These are 100-cards in a ready-to-play Commander decks. There are always some brand-new cards in this product, which haven’t been released in any other set.

Tyranid Swarm Warhammer 40k Commander Decks Information

The deck you see above is one of the four Warhammer 40k Commander decks, a special collaboration, with all 100 cards having a special style. If you’d like to get a more traditional MTG themed deck, take a look at the list of all Commander decks, where you’ll be able to find a perfect deck to buy as a gift.


You could also buy a specific Magic the Gathering card. You won’t get a randomness of a booster box, but you can give them the perfect card they need — which can oftentimes be even better.

The problem occurs, when you don’t know which card they want. One option you have is to simply ask them which is their favorite card, that they don’t own yet. Another option is to get them a strong, powerful card, one that almost every player will enjoy.

A perfect example, would be Ugin, the Spirit Dragon. It’s a colorless card, which means it can go into any deck. It’s also very powerful, so MTG players would be happy to get it as a gift. The art you can see below is the alternate art. It’s somewhat more expensive than the regular art, but it’s more likely that your giftee won’t have it yet, and they’re more exciting as well.

Ugin the Spirit Dragon Borderless MTG Gift Guide

Here are some other of the most universally sought after cards with alternate art:

Magic the Gathering Board Games

There are also a couple of MTG board games. They combine the elements of other board games with MTG cards. Great gift for players who also enjoy other board games!

Explorers of Ixalan

gift ideas for mtg explorers of ixalan

This variation is for 2–4 players. In addition to playing a game of Magic, players also explore the island of Ixalan. The island provides additional resources and extra layer of game-play.

Explorers of Ixalan can also be played without the island, since you get 4 complete 60-card decks. The game is a great gift for a player who has a couple of games under their belt and would enjoy a new experience.

Archenemy: Nicol Bolas

gift ideas for mtg nicol bolas archenemy

This is a game mode for 4 players (3 vs 1). One player plays the role of Nicol Bolas, the Elder Dragon. His cards are so powerful that other three players have to play as a team to have a chance against him.

Both games are great gifts for an experienced Magic the Gathering player. Both are ready to play out of the box and can be used as a single board game. You can buy it here.

MTG Accessories as Gifts

You thought Magic the Gathering players only need cards to play this game? Well, that’s not entirely true. There are plenty of stuff that makes the game more enjoyable and as such makes a great gift.

Deck Boxes

What good is a box for a gift? Not much, since every Magic player probably has a lot of plastic ones. But there are a lot of quality ones, which always come in handy. You can buy one like this.

gift ideas for mtg christmas 2018 ultimate guard deckbox

It’s very resistant and looks nice. It also has a special tray for dice. They will have the gift for many years to come, and it’s very useful.


If you want your deck box to be an even more special gift, there is something really cool that we would recommend. Ultimate Guard’s ChromiaSkin deck box has heat-sensitive material that changes its color wherever someone touches it. It looks totally dope!

UG ChromiaSkin Deck Box MTG Gift Ideas

There are also some simpler designs, which still do their main function and are cheaper. Furthermore, if you want more insight about various deck boxes, you can find the best MTG deck boxes here.


MTG Binder Gift Ideas Ikoria

Every Magic the Gathering player needs a binder to store their more valuable cards. The binders come in various colors and sizes.

We recommend getting a classic 9-pocket binder. The smaller 4-pocket binder is also good. If these seem too bland for a gift, you can also get more colorful ones featuring MTG art.


You are probably quite familiar with the fact that some cards can be worth quite some money. That’s one of the reasons why Magic players like to keep their cards in sleeves. And it also makes shuffling easier.

You can get plenty of different arts, so pick whichever you think the recipient will like. But there are plenty of sleeves that wear off quickly and split.

Best Pokemon Card Sleeves Quality Dragon Shield Matte

We would recommend getting either Dragon Shield Matte or Ultra Pro Eclipse. Both of these are very durable and nice looking. If you like your gift to be something practical, sleeves are certainly the way to go.

If you’ll be buying Ultra Pros, be very careful to buy Eclipse version, since the other ones are some of the worst ones. You can find more useful information about the best MTG sleeves here.


gift ideas for mtg christmas 2018 playmat

It’s never pleasant to play Magic on a dirty table. That’s where the playmats help. The cards don’t get dirty, players can pick them up more easily, and they can be a work of art.

There are plenty of artworks to chose from. There are characters from Magic story, landscapes, and a lot more. Playmats can also be stored in a tube, so if you are buying one, it’s a good idea to buy one of these.

Playmats can also be used as a big mouse pads. However, if the player already has a playmat or two, it might be a better idea to buy something else.

Stay Away From the Following “Gifts”

MTG Gift Guide Which Gifts to Avoid Attention

There are, however, some MTG product, that you should think twice about buying. These are NOT a good Magic the Gathering gifts, and you should really prioritize something else.

Bulk Magic Cards

1000 cards for $10 — what could go wrong? This gift idea is only good for brand-new players. For anyone who plays a game a bit longer, the cards are basically worthless, and they just take extra space to store them.

You are paying for quantity over quality. A single card worth $10 could be a more meaningful gift.

gift ideas for mtg christmas 2018 bulk cards2

Proxy Cards

So-called proxy cards are nothing more than fake cards. Cards may be cheaper, but the player could get in trouble if they would play them in a tournament. It’s better to stay away from them.

Booster Repacks

Sellers of so-called repacks usually buy sealed product, then take the valuable cards out. They add some worst rares they have to the pack. You can usually find those as “Repack Booster with Two Rare Cards!”

Don’t buy this as a gift, since you’ll probably just overpay for garbage cards.

Best Gift Ideas for MTG for any Budget

Let’s recap with the best gifts for Magic the Gathering, depending on your budget:

Players are usually the most excited with the newest cards. Because of that, make sure that you buy the latest edition when buying Bundles and Booster Boxes. This would be the Brothers’ War set (release date: November 18th, 2022).


You get it? ‘Cause this is a gift guide. And you wrap up a gift…

Anyway, we hope this guide will help you find the best gift for Magic the Gathering player. However, if you’re looking for a gift for someone who just started playing MTG, you should certainly check our article on what MTG Beginners should buy. If you have any more questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

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